DiggySyS Process Overview
• Understand Scope
• Plan
• Estimate
• Review
  • Understand Requirement
• Create User Story
• Assess Complexity
• Define Criteria
  • Setup Team
• Set Up Infra
• Assess Feasibility
• Define Arch
• Decide Applicability
  • Define Goal
• Estimate Story
• Plan & Monitor
• Release
Project Planning   Product backlog Planning   Sprint 0   Release Plannng
Sprint Execution   Sprint Review   Sprint Retrospective
• Decide Sprint Goal
• Update Design
• Task Breakup
• Update Estimates
• Schedule Review
• Demo & Discuss
• Check Feasibility
• Update Plan
• What Went Well?
• What Could be Better?
• Action Plan
Requirement Analysis Phase Understanding Requirement Requirement collection and analysis
Estimation Phase Test Estimation - Work Breakdown Structure
- Test Point Analysis
- Function Point Analysis
- Use-Case Analysis
Test Planning Phase Test Planning -Test strategy development and planning
-Selection and adaptation testing techniques
-Entry and Exit Criteria definitions
Reviews Phase Review Work Products

Types: Peer, Supervisory, Technical, Audits
Work products: Requirement, Design, Code, Test Plan, Test Specification, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, RTM, User guides, Web pages.

Test scenarios, test cases development phase Test Scripting
-Test Plans
-Test Cases
-Test Scenarios
-Test Scripts
-Test Specifications
- Requirement Traceability matrix
Build Test Environment Phase Build Test Environment We ensure that testing environment is properly created using a proper combination of testing equipments, hardware, and software ensuring reduced efforts in testing configurations deployment.
Test Case execution Phase Test Execution

- Unit Testing
- Code Inspection
- System Testing
- Integration Testing
- WhiteBox Testing

- Black Box Testing
- Functional/ UI/Validation Testing
- Test Automation
- Performance Testing
- Alpha/Beta Tests

Defects investigation and Test Log submission Phase Bug reporting and Tracking

We use the industry-recognized bug tracking tools like mantis. Online mode allows all the stakeholders to work as a single team and ensures the complete control.

Final reporting and analysis Phase

Final Reporting

This report provides an insight into the complete defects analysis and relevant recommendations regarding improvement of the tested software and the software development process in whole.

 Strict Compliance with NDA
 Emphasis on System and Platform security by controlling operations of applications, hardening the VM, the O/S & application server software
 Defining and assignment of resources access privileges and roles for infrastructure components and applications
 We maintain business security by recording of infrastructure configuration, management events and policy changes, Security of the logging, auditing and reporting environment
 We have risk management framework and process for determining inherent risk, security controls and residuals
Delivery model - End-to-End services complement our solutions
Project delivery for Emerging Market
Hosting Services
Market Research
Solution Consulting
Business Operational Consulting
IT Architecture Consulting
Core Product R&D
New Product Planning & Research
CMMI5 Process Owner
Business Units
Sales & Disrtibution
SI Project Implementation
On-going Services
Managed Services
Client Executives
SRM Executives
 Proximity Center 
Relationship Director. Account Manager. Onsite Team. Program Managers. Team Lead. Consultants Delivery manager. Engineering team. QA team. Deployment support team. Technical support team

Project Manager

Project Manager

Functional Lead(s)

Technical Lead(s)

Technical Lead(s)

Project Management

Change Management
Product Engineering Application Software Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Knowledge Management Software Engineers Designer(s) Developers(s) QA/Test Engineer(s)
Priority Description Targeted First Responce Targeted Workaround Targeted Resolution Targeted Status Report Management Notification Management Contacts
Priority 1 High, Critical, Fatal:
details below
Within 2 business hours Within 4 business hours Within 1 business week By Licensee Agreement Within 1 business day  
Priority 2 Production Severely Impacted: details below Within 4 business hours Within 1 business day Within 2 business weeks Every other working day Within 2 business days  
Priority 3 degraded Operations:
Details below
Within 1 business day Within 2 business days Within 3 business weeks Once every 3 working days Within 5 business days  
Priority 4 Minimal Impact: details below Within 2 business days Within 1 business week Next Maintenance Release Weekly N/A  
Priority 5 Enhancement Request N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A  


Severity Level 1 - Errors or problems that cause Software to be inoperative, corruption in Software, adversely affecting Licensee's applications; issue reported has a critical impact on Licensee's operations, outage.


Severity Level 2 - Errors or problems disable major functions reuired to do productive work or Software is parially inoperative and considered as severely restictive by Licensee.


Severity Level 3 - Reported errors or other problems that disable specific non-essential functions; error condition is not critical to continuing operation and/or Licensee has determined a work-around for the error condition.


Severity Level 4 - Cosmetic problems with no immediate consequence, with Software functionality being usable.