DiggySyS is committed to helping clients build a talented, high-performing workforce. We expertly integrate and deliver the services, resources and technology needed to reduce an organization’s spend and ensure high-quality service delivery and execution. Our service delivery model is designed to provide the right level of dedicated, high-touch account management resources balanced with efficient centers of excellence for transactional activities - and to scale your account resources based on real-time workforce needs.
A dedicated team delivers personalized service, coupled with a technology-rich delivery model to ensure service excellence and industry-leading automated processes. Our distinctive model is driven by our ability to:

 Locate client resources onsite, nationally, regionally, locally and virtually
 Continually monitor hiring trends and anticipated demand
 Adjust staffing levels to ensure optimal workload balance
 Provide a shared services infrastructure for integrated reporting and analytics
 Leverage deep vertical expertise for trending and benchmarking
Tailor solutions designed for individual needs, requirements and goals

Our approach focuses on providing the optimal service, support and relationship management techniques to meet the requirements of your immediate and long-term workforce plan and acquisition strategy.
The ability to evolve and adapt to a constantly changing talent landscape is essential to an effective RPO partnership. It requires an RPO partner with dedicated resources and expertise, focusing solely on quality and innovation. 

Why Invest in DiggySyS’s Talent Acquisition Services
 Better understanding of requirements
Excellent TAT
 True fit - A 12 step resume screening process followed to ensure better quality of candidates
 Better assessment and reference checks
 Negligible drop outs after final selection
Use of Applicant Tracking system e.g.- Hire desk, which ensures better tracking of candidates across globe
Key Result Areas
 Data base of quality profile
Strong in Middle level and Senior level recruitments
 Automated Recruitment Management System
 Fast uptake, Planning and Execution
Service Offerings
Staffing Solutions   Outsourcing Solutions  
• Permanent Staffing Solutions • HR Process Outsourcing
• Temporary Staffing Solutions • Competency Based Outsourcing
• Project Based Staffing Solutions  
Training and Skills Development    
• Corporate Training solutions  
• Corporate Skill Development solutions  

End to End RPO services

• Candidate Sourcing • Reference check and trial close
• Resume Screening • Salary/ Rate negotiation and final offer
• In depth assessments • Final hire and on-boarding
• Hand holding/interview scheduling  

Our Executive Search Cell
 Appropriate where the position needing to be filled is senior and the qualified candidates are few
Detailed consultation with the client company, our own extensive industry knowledge and network of contacts, and
  ongoing client communication are the cornerstones of these sensitive projects
 We identify and target a specific set of Passive candidates, following detailed discussions with our client
 Candidates are then approached and their suitability is ascertained before we invite them in for interview, where
   they then go through the screening and interview process
Services to Verticals
Telecom   Mobile & IT  
• VoIP • Application
• OSS • M-commerce
• Wireless • Streaming
• Infrastructure • C
Enterprise   • Java
• Retail  
• Logistics  
• Oil and Gas  
Knowledge & Database
Expertise in various SAP Modules on functional and technical side such as FICO , MM (CIN) , PS , HR ,
 We have been maintaining an active database on domain specific consultants as well.
Being a SAP Certified Company we have Technical know how and operational understanding as well.
 Expertise in Telecom technology such as 3G, VOIP, SS7, GSM,CDMA, IPTV, DVB
 Expertise in Protocols: SIP, H.323, MGCP, Rational Clear Case, Visio, Bugzilla, MANTIS, Cisco Gateways, Class-   5 Switch, Vision ICE, Vision Probe, Cygwin, Source Insight, Tornado, Vision-Click, Wind view, GNU Debugger,       Wind Debugger, Ethereal, Apache, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Windows, MAC OS
 Programming Language: C,C++, JAVA, TCL/TK, PERL, Python, GTK+,QT,OPEB GL, SQL