For Any GIS designs, There is very Vital spatial component called Parcels . Accuracy and Integraity fo these parcel are very crucial point for the successful and integrity of any GIS design for any Industry.We are qualified ESRI professionals to make parcel mappings for great GIS designs.

Parcell mapping is used in lot of area and can be used in Land administration & property registration by Urban and Rural governing bodies, Municipality planning & Urban development. This Parcel mapping can help government bodies to restore highly analytical data which can increase efficiency of any government.

DiggySyS ArcGIS Parcel Mapping Services:

  • Assessment/Analysis Focus
  • Data structure and completeness
  • COGO attributes
  • Annotation
  • Data integrity / topology
  • Polygon / linework coincidence
  • Workflow Delineation Focus
  • Conversion, restructuring steps
  • Data clean-up / conflation steps
  • Fabric topology validation
  • Attribute naming / matching
  • Fabric staging and loading