DiggySyS outsources both, Business and support processes focusing on Back Office and specialized Front Office processes where technology and/or specific knowledge is a key value
The process can be operated either under full delivery model (Full BPO), or as specific tasks externalization (Out Tasking) .
Externalized operations Model (Outsourcing) leveraging on synergies and economies of scale (versus body shopping). The customer still keeps control of the whole process / task at all times.
 Best practices management. Excellence in implementing big IT Projects
 Broad geographic presence, adapting to customer needs (near shore, offshore).
 Complete offering for each industry.
 Quick implementation (time to market) of high volume services.
 Network of Shared Services Centers.
 Ability to approach processes in a complete way (end to end).
 latform BPO capabilities (multicustomer and multi-country).
 Highly specialized employees in providing Industry specific BPO Services.
End to End process management approach
Process Consulting   Back Office   Front Office   Document Management Projects
• Process Consulting   • Administrative support
• Contracts management
• Billing
• Accounts receivable / payable
• Transactions
• Trouble & Incidents
  • Specialized Contac center
• Citizen service / customer
• Claims
  • Digitizing
• Recording
• Hosting
Technological capabilities
• Software factory's   • Proprietary applications   • System Integration   • IT Outsourcing
Electricity / Gas   Water   OIL
Transport and Distribution Operations
-Operation and Maintenance (network failures, assets management, network expansion plans, cartography)
-Commercial cycle (Contract , billing and collection)
Commercial Cycle
-Collection and recovery
-Customer Support Help Desk
  Transport and Distribution Operations
-Operation and Maintenance (network failures, asset management, network expansion plans, cartography)
Commercial Cycle
-Meter reading
-Customer support

• Commercial Cycle
-Management service stations and shops
-Promotional Campaigns
-Fidelity Cards



Management of Service   After sales Management Services:
•Feasibility Studies
•Network Resource Allocation.
•Management of leased circuits, OBA and Portability
•Transmission Settings
•Switch Configuration support
•Network Configuration Data
•Setting customer’s CPE
•Implementation support services and suppliers managements
  •DTV, voice, data and failure management, in the areas of transmission, switching data network and wired technologies, LLU, radio, etc.
-Incident Management on 2 Levels
-A single Level incident management
-Scheduled work management
-Customer Report generation
-Central test Support
-Customer services oversight
•Management of customer complaints
•Billing claims management
F&A Finance and Accounting          Human Resources

•Treasury Management.

•Administrative support.

•General accounting.


•Payroll management, social benefits.

•Training & Education outsourcing.

Billing, payments and collections          Recovery

•Billing Management.

•Accounts receivable management.

•Management of accounts payable.


•Management of different stages: Friendly Claim, Settlement and default.

•Foreclosed Assets Management.

Infrastructure / Equipment Management

• Planning and maintenance of facilities

• Failure Management.

•Technical Management, GIS recording , licenses paperwork and blueprints management.