Mobile Application Development :
Our Mobile Solutions team have helped many companies roll out robust mobile applications across diverse platforms in multiple jurisdictions
Our enterprise mobility services includes  the following  given below :

 UI Design & Development 
• Usability and Human Interface Design
• Wireframes
• Artwork

 Application Certificate 
• Testing against certification reqs
• Testing functionality, usability and UAT
• Mobile application porting and localization
• Translating and changing  Images and resources

 S/W Design & Development 
• Multiple Platforms Incl. Windows Mobile, Symblan,
   I-   Phone, BlackBerry etc
• Design complaint with certification reqs

 Multi Device Testing 
• Review testing across multiple devices and versions
• Ensuring coast effective and effective delivery


DiggySyS can develop various types of applications like :

• Gaming Applications
• GPs Tracking Applications
• mCommerce Applications
• Business Applications
• Enquiry Based Applications
• Social Networking Applications
• Entertainment Applications
• Educational Applications.
• Customized IPhone Applications
• Web-Interactive !Phone Applications
• Restaurant Applications
• Productivity & Calculation Applications
• Finance Based Applications
• News Bases Applications
• Weather Information Applications