It is very tedious and possibility that it got damage paper drawing. So companies scan these paper of drawing and convery them into CAD drawing format.This is one of effective method used by lot of companies to save their paper drawing.This process of digitization is called as The process of as Raster to Vector conversion.DiggySyS is having expertise in Paper to CAD conversion accurately using various Autocad software. We can be done these conversion for Floor Plans,Floor plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof plans, Foundation Plans, Electrical Plans, HVAC etc.

We have expert of team which comprised of engineers,acrchitecture,electrical engineers.These expertise of various stream helps us to convert these drawing accurately as they are familiar with all codes which is practise worldwide. We ensure 100% quality conversion with 100% accuracy.

Advantges working with DiggySyS for Paper to CAD conversion

  • 100% accurate Superior quality drawing of
  • Conversion from raster format to CAD format perfectly
  • Save time for digitizing , redrawing, copying and printing documents
  • Flexible lower cost with great services to customers
  • Dedicated team availability and exp team
  • Get shared access to large files and databases